RSK: error: peers do not connect in a private net



2017-12-10-23:00:45.0077 WARN [net] Can't decrypt AuthInitiateMessage from / Most likely the remote peer used wrong public key (NodeID) to encrypt message.
2017-12-10-23:00:53.0861 TRACE [sync] Node list obtained from discovery: empty
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0863 TRACE [sync] Node list obtained from discovery: c2e177b3
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0863 TRACE [sync] Peer c2e177b3: initiate connection
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0863 INFO [facade] Connecting to:
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0867 INFO [net] Open outbound connection, channel: [id: 0x23cd0200]
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0873 ERROR [net] Handshake failed:
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0873 DEBUG [net] Peer c2e177b3: notifies about disconnect
2017-12-10-23:00:56.0874 DEBUG [net] Peer removed from active peers: c2e177b3 |